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IASE IPS sessions at the ISI WSC

17 January 2023

By James Kaleli Musyoka, WSC
IASE representative 

The congress received a total of 22 proposals for IASE-related sessions. After careful review, 16  proposals were accepted. The proposals promise very interesting sessions on the following topics:  

  1. Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Adjustments on Teaching Statistics: The  Philippine Case 
  2. Areas for alignment of labour market information to meet the planning needs of technical and  vocational education and training 
  3. Looking to the Future: Important Themes in Statistics Education 
  4. Data science skills for the next generation of statisticians: collaboration with academia 
  5. Setting up of Collaborative Systems between Academic Institutions and Industry, to build a  strong Data Skills/Talent Value Chain 
  6. Building Capacity in Statistics Education in Africa 
  7. Reimagining data literacy education for all students: Challenges and new directions in higher  education 
  8. Data science education in developing countries: challenges and strategies.
  9. Mentoring to Build Capacity 
  10. How to sustain and strengthen the LISA-2020 Stat labs in future? - Insights from experiments  conducted by some of the members 
  11. Statistics and data in the decision-making process – how can statistical offices promote the  usage and application of data? 
  12. Building Bridges: data fellowships + data skills = international data literacy 
  13. The Role of Statistical Collaboration in Achieving Sustainable Agriculture, Improved Nutrition  and Food Security: The TEACH Project Experience of LISA 
  14. Statistical Collaboration with Domain Expert 
  15. Promoting Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries 16. The African Data Initiative