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Mission & Objectives
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The ISI Mission is to promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide.



The ISI Objectives are:

  1. To enhance the ISI’s support of the international statistical community;
  2. To promote and disseminate research and best practice in the statistical sciences;
  3. To promote and disseminate research and best practice in all forms of statistics education;
  4. To establish an appropriate role for the ISI promoting public awareness of good statistical practice and its value to the community, and in supporting good practice;
  5. To enhance the ISI’s support for the statistical community in developing countries;
  6. To broaden the range of areas of application in which the ISI is making worthwhile contribution;
  7. To define and institute a constructive role for the ISI in supporting the development of young statisticians, and in encouraging the ongoing participation of older members;
  8. To put the ISI and its Sections on a sound financial footing.



The ISI will pursue its mission and objectives by:

  1. Promoting excellence in statistical research and research training;
  2. Promoting excellence in statistical education;
  3. Promoting excellence in the practice of Statistics;
  4. Supporting the international statistical community in promoting the establishment and maintenance of sound statistical institutions;
  5. Fostering the appreciation in governments and the public at large of the true value of Statistics and statistical methods to all aspects of human endeavor;
  6. Facilitating collaboration among diverse groups of ISI members, and among statistical societies and other national and international organisations having statistical interests;
  7. Providing coordinating services, such as a broad-based website, the biennial WSCs, appropriate publications, promotion of professional standards, outreach programs, and affiliation with other international bodies;
  8. Continually evolving and developing new initiatives to maintain leadership of an evolving discipline in changing environments.
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