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The ISI Permanent Office


The ISI Permanent Office (PO) is located on the premises of Statistics Netherlands in The Hague. With 9 staff members and 1 volunteer, the Permanent Office serves the ISI members, the ISI Executive Committee and Council and the ISI Associations and Committees.


Staff of the ISI Permanent Office


Ada van Krimpen


Ada van Krimpen - Director 

Contact Ada for:

  • ISI Strategies and Policies 
  • Implementation of the ISI policies
  • External relations 
  • Overall management of the P.O.

Shabani Mehta


Shabani Mehta – Associate Director

Contact Shabani for:

  • ISI Executive Committee, Council and ISI Associations 
  • ISI World Statistics Congresses and Regional Statistical Conferences
  • Funding schemes
  • P.O. management

Sofia Kapnisi


Sofia Kapnisi – Editor and Event Coordinator

Contact Sofia for:

  • Issues related to the ISI World Statistics Congresses (WSCs)
  • Social events in conjunction with WSCs

Olivia van Dijck-Timbol


Olivia van Dijck-Timbol – Recruitment and Operations Officer

Contact Olivia for:

  • Elected membership application and process
  • Membership campaign
  • WB TFSCB Selection Committee and funding applications process
  • Committees




Liliana Happel – Communications Officer

Contact Liliana for:

  • ISI communications, news and social media
  • Committees, Awards and Prizes
  • HR-related issues

Justin van der Veeke


Justin van der Veeke – Website Manager

Contact Justin for:

  • ISI and Associations' news and social media
  • Ballot processing for the ISI and Associations’ elections
  • ISI website-related issues and updates
  • IT-related issues



Michael Leeuwe – Finance Manager

Contact Michael for:

  • Issues related to the ISI and Associations’ finances
  • Accounting and reporting to the Executives and Councils
  • Membership dues

Nicoline de Kraa


Nicoline de Kraa – Finance Officer

Contact Nicoline for:

  • Issues related to the ISI and Associations’ finances
  • Accounting and reporting to the Executives and Councils
  • Membership dues



Margaret de Ruiter- Molloy – Membership Officer

Contact Margaret for:

  • Any issues related to ISI and Association memberships
  • Institutional, Corporate and Affiliate memberships
  • Subscriptions to ISI and Associations’ journals 



Gerrit Stemerdink – Volunteer

Contact Gerrit for:

  • Any questions related to the history of the ISI


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