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The mission of the ISI is to promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide. We pursue this mission by various initiatives and organization of a number of activities in cooperation with and in support of the statistical community worldwide.

The highpoint of ISI activities are the World Statistics Congress (WSCs) and their associated events where all our Associations, Committees, members and participants involved in statistics worldwide come together to participate in the many activities of the WSC for an entire week and associated events immediately before or after this week.

The ISI and its Associations also organize other conferences that serve as a platform to promote statistics and the ISI family in different parts of the world. These include regional statistical conferences and association conferences. The ISI maintains a Calendar of Events that is offered as a service to organizations worldwide to announce and promote their own events related to various areas of statistics.  

The appreciation of the value of statistics in all its forms is manifested by the ISI Awards and Association Awards given to individuals for their outstanding achievements in different statistical areas of endeavour. It is also demonstrated by the prizes awarded under the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP).  The objective of the ISLP is to contribute to promoting statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults, in all walks of life. 

The ISI and its Associations actively encourage participation of developing country members and young statisticians where possible in various conferences, including the WSCs, by offering funding opportunities.

The ISI is concerned to raise and maintain professional ethics in statistics across the world. We have adopted the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics and set up an ISI Advisory Board on Ethics to advise on compliance with the Declaration.

Another important initiative of the ISI is Statistical Capacity Building. It includes activities related to the state-of-practice in the public sector via high-level workshops on leadership and management, and to mentoring activities.

Finally, ISI offers information about active accreditation programmes for individuals who seek recognition of their statistical qualifications and professional training and experience.

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