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ISI Statements and Letters Concerning Statistical Ethics


The ISI has undertaken action in specific cases. An overview of the ISI letters, statements and discussion papers is given below:


  • Third Annual Report of the Good Practice Advisory Committee (GPAC) of the Hellenic Statistical System
    The report presents the status of the implementation of principles 1 to 6 (institutional environment, such as the principles of Professional Independence, and of Impartiality and Objectivity) of the European Statistics Code of Practice in the Greek statistical system, covering the period 2015-2016. More>> 
    Dated 26th January 2017
  • ISI Statment on ELSTAT
    How can work of the highest professional calibre and ethical standard lead to prosecution? More>>
    Dated 15th September 2016
  • Open Letter from ISI on matters related to judicial proceedings in Greece
    The ISI has published an open letter regarding the judicial proceedings in Greece against Mr Andreas Georgiou, the President of ELSTAT, and comments from two former ELSTAT members about the  organization of an Open Meeting entitled ‘Intrusion of the judiciary in the course of the production of official statistics’ during the World Statistics Congress in Hong Kong. More>>
    Dated 16th September 2013
  • The ISI issued a Statement to express its profound disappointment and serious concern over the prosecution of Mr Andreas Georgiou, President of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and two of his ELSTAT Managers.
    Supporters are invited to endorse the statement by subscribing here. The names will be published on the website.
    Dated 28th February 2013
  • Letter by the ISI President to the President of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Mr. Andreas Georgiou, in support of his endeavour to comply with the high international standards for producing good quality and impartial statistical information about the Greek economy and society.
    Dated 5th January 2012

Other relevant information:

  • Second Annual Report of the Good Practice Advisory Committee Hellenic Statistical System.
    Many members may be aware of on-going concerns regarding the Greek Statistical System where the head of the office is facing prosecution on issues concerning the integrity of official economic statistics. The Second Annual Report, for the year 2014 from the independent Good Practice Advisory Committee provides a good summary of the current situation.
    published in January 2015
  • The Good Practice Advisory Committee examined ELSTAT’s implementation of Principles 1 to 6 of the European Statistics Code of Practice and made an overall assessments and recommendations. Read the full report published in September 2013.



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