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ISI Awards Committee

Role and Objectives

The ISI has prizes and awards which are presented every two years at its biennial World Statistics Congresses. Announcements for nominations, criteria and rules are available between WSCs. Selection of recipients takes place during the year prior to the WSCs. The prizes and awards are presented at the WSC Awards Ceremony. The ISI Awards Committee assists the EC in the setting up of criteria, processes and selection committees for various awards, and helps in the coordination of the Awards Ceremony for ISI and Association Awards.

ISI awards include the Karl Pearson Prize, the Jan Tinbergen Competition, the Mahalanobis Award, ISI Service Awards and World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building Awards. ISI and its Associations actively seek and obtain Funding for members from developing countries and young statisticians to attend WSCs and other conferences.

Terms of Reference 

The ISI membership will find the Terms of Reference of the ISI Awards Committee here.

Structure and Functioning

Chair: a member of the ISI Executive Committee
One Council representative
One ISI-at-large representative
One representative per each Association
Liaison with ISI PO: ISI Director and Communications Officer

The Association representatives will regularly update information for the Committee on their awards, and will report to the Committee on the awarding of funds to participants from developing countries in conferences (and other events).

Current Composition

Chair: Fabrizio Ruggeri    

Liaison with ISI PO: Ada van Krimpen, ISI Director; Liliana Happel, Communications Officer  

Reports and Links

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2014 Report
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2017 Report
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