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ISI President’s Message August 2015

New ISI President Pedro Silva looks back at the successful WSC in Rio de Janeiro and tells about his plans for the coming period. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

ISI Director’s Message August 2015

ISI Director summarizes the successes of the 60th ISI WSC in Rio de Janeiro and looks ahead to the preparations of the next WSC in Marrakech, Morocco. More>>

Published 19 August 2015


Report on the 60th ISI WSC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Read about the main events of the WSC including some facts and figures. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

61st ISI WSC 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco

The 61st ISI WSC will take place in Marrakech, Morocco.

Published 31 July 2015

62nd ISI WSC 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The ISI accepted the bid of the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Bank Negara and Malaysia Institute of Statistics to hold the 62nd ISI WSC in Kuala Lumpur.

Published 31 July 2015

60th ISI WSC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Published 31 July 2015

ISI Membership Elections 2015

Congratulations and warm welcome to the 9 new members elected in the second round of this year’s ISI membership elections!

Published 19 August 2015

International Statistical Review (ISR)

  • August 2015 issue: The ISR is the journal of the International Statistical Institute that serves as its conduit for disseminating accessible reviews and assessments of key statistical concepts and important emerging  methodologies to members of the Institute, and more generally to all professional statisticians. The articles in the August issue reflect this aim, and should be of interest to all readers of this newsletter. More>>
  • ISR homepage now contains a special feature link for Interview Papers so that readers can easily find which interviews have been published in the journal.
  • Kudos service is now free for all ISR authors! More>>

Published 19 August 2015

IAOS News August 2015

  • 2016 Young Statistician Prize Competition: The YSP is open to all eligible young official statisticians. More>>
  • New IAOS Executive elected at the 2015 General Assembly. More>>
  • SJIAOS June 2015 issue: This issue includes articles on Big Data, an interview with Shigeru Kawasaki, Past President of the IAOS,  and a wide range of articles based on papers presented at the IAOS14 conference. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

IASC News August 2015

  • Patrick Groenen is the new President of IASC for the period 2015-2017. More>>
  • IASC participation in the 60th ISI World Statistics Congress in Rio de Janeiro. More>>
  • Seungwon Lee receives the IASC Data Analysis Competition award. More>>
  • Successful IASC-CSDA session at the World Statistics Congress in Rio de Janeiro. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

IASE News August 2015

  • IASE 2015 Satellite Conference at UNIRIO in Rio de Janeiro, "Advances in statistics education: developments, experiences, and assessments", proved to be a success. More>>
  • Future IASE-related events

Published 19 August 2015

SCORUS News August 2015

SCORUS held a successful conference in Brussels in June and organized two sessions for ISI2015, the 60th World Statistics Congress held in Rio de Janeiro in July. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

International Symposium in Statistics (ISS) 2015

The International Symposium in Statistics (ISS) took place from 6 -8 July 2015 and was hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial University, Canada.  The meeting covered five specialized research themes: multi-dimensional data analysis in continuous setup, multivariate analysis for longitudinal categorical data, time series with financial and environmental applications, spatial-temporal data analysis. The ISI co-sponsored the event. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

News from the Ethiopian Statistical Association

The association held its 24th Annual Conference on 27 June 2015 under the theme “Harnessing the Power of Data for Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia”. The event was attended by members of the association and guests from various governmental and non-governmental organizations. More>>

Published 19 August 2015

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