ISI presidents

We have a long history and a rich tradition. Officially, the ISI was established in 1885, although the initial international gatherings of statisticians started earlier, back in 1853. Therefore, we are one of the oldest scientific associations still active throughout the world today.

Meet the presidents

Stuart A. Rice
Stuart A. Rice

Stuart Rice strived to make the ISI the umbrella for all kinds of statistical interests and activities, which is reflected by the current seven ISI Associations as well as the breadth of conferences, meetings and publications.

Karl Theodor von Inama Sternegg
Karl von Inama-Sternegg

Karl von Inama-Sternegg was a German-Austrian political scientist, statistician and economic historian. From 1899 to 1908, he was the second President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), succeeding Rawson William. 

1840 –1920
Luigi Bodio

Luigi Bodio was one of the “founding fathers” of the ISI and chaired it since 1909. At the time of the first meeting of the ISC, he was president of the Italian Superior Statistical Council and a senator.

Rawson W Rawson
Sir Rawson W. Rawson

Sir Rawson William Rawson was the founding president of the International Statistical Institute. From 1884-1886, he also served as the president of the Statistical Society (now called the Royal Statistical Society).

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