Capacity Development


The International Statistical Institute is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on low and middle-income countries/regions. 


We aim to empower those in the public and private sectors with the latest methods for data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Our commitment extends to strengthening statistical infrastructure, human resources, and fostering advancements in official, survey, and business statistics, along with statistical education and research.

Over the years, we've conducted workshops to enhance the skills of senior staff in national statistical offices, elevating the quality of statistical information. We've also sponsored workshops and conferences in Africa and Asia, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

In partnership with the Bernoulli Society and the University of Oslo, we've established a virtual mentoring program for PhD students, providing a dynamic platform for growth.

We believe in inclusivity, supporting participants from low and middle-income countries/regions to actively engage in global statistical discussions. Funding from World Bank Trust Funds for Statistical Capacity Building and the African Development Bank has enabled these initiatives.

Looking ahead, the ISI Strategic Plan 2022-2025 places capacity building as a top priority. Join us in our commitment to creating a world where statistical empowerment knows no bounds, fostering positive change in communities and economies. Together, let's build a future where sharing data and knowledge becomes the driving factor for progress.

Capacity Development Committee

To accelerate our efforts in low and middle income countries/regions, in 2013 the ISI launched the Capacity Development Committee

Its role is to advise the Executive Committee on the planning, development and implementation of appropriate initiatives, besides promoting them directly.

The Committee’s objectives are very broad and based on the need of the global statistical field and the access to education and resources of individuals. The International Statistical Institute and its Associations work together closely and provide good coordination, cooperation and communication with other Statistical Capacity Development providers:

  • To focus and to clarify the IInternational Statistical Institute's priorities and capabilities,
  • To define the role of the Statistical Capacity Development Committee more specifically
  • To define our strategic contribution among the other Statistical Capacity Development groups.
task force

Task force and Committee

In 2018 the ISI Executive Committee appointed a Task Force to prepare the Capacity Development Strategy.

The Task Force was co-chaired by Fabrizio Ruggeri and Irena Krizman. Committee members: Pedro Silva, Misha Belkindas, Eric Vance, David Stern, Matthew Shearing, Delia North, Diane Stukel.

The Task Force prepared the Capacity Development Strategy and Action Plan 2019–2021 and will continue to work on plans for the coming years. To accelerate the Capacity Development activities, the Execuitve Committee has launched this ISI Capacity Development Committee.

ISI Activities Worldwide

UNSD ISI Side event

Side event for the 55th UNSC

The International Statistical Institute hosted a successful side event for the 55th UNSC on 25 February 2024. With an attendance of nearly 50 individuals and organizations, we have strengthened ties and will follow up on project proposals and collaborate with new and existing partners.

GIST - Global Network of Institutions for Statistical Training (

The ISI cooperates with Global Network of Institutions for Statistical Training (GIST) which is a network of international and regional training institutions, working together build sustainable statistical capacities through efficient, effective, and harmonized delivery of training.

Writing Manuscripts for Official Statistics Journals

International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP)

The International Statistical Literacy Project is a project initiated by the International Association for Statistical Education, which is the education section of the International Statistical Institute.

Writing Manuscripts for Official Statistics Journals

8–15 February 2022

The workshop is intended for Official Statisticians and academics (from all over the world) with interest in preparing a submission of a manuscript to a refereed international journal in the field of statistics. 

ISI workshops
Delia North - workshops

ISI Workshops on Leadership and Management

The ISI has organized a series of Workshops on Leadership and Management for Heads of NSOs in Africa and Asia. 

ISI Workshops on Diverse Statistical Methods

The International Statistical Institute is offering a spectrum of workshops meticulously crafted to empower professionals, and researchers with a profound understanding of various statistical methods.

ISI Academy

The ISI Academy was established in 2023 to elevate International Statistical Institute's impact on statistical capacity building within contemporary data ecosystems worldwide.

Our primary goal is to address the capacity development requirements within the field of statistics and data-related professions. Leveraging the International Statistical Institute's  autonomy, extensive cross-sectoral networks of expertise, adherence to academic standards, and expansive global reach, we strive to make a contribution to the advancement of statistical knowledge and skills on a global scale.


Courses, Webinars and Workshops

The ISI strives to unlock the world of data by furnishing members and individuals in the statistical field with a library of past events, courses, and webinars. This invaluable resource aims to provide access to extensive knowledge, enhancing personal development and fostering success in your professional domain. 

Apply the knowledge and insights on an individual basis or within the context of your specific field of work, whether it be in your country or region. Access our library:


We Will Join Your Capacity Development Project!

Do you want to be a part of our cause? Inform us on your idea or journey towards fostering excellence in statistical capacity development. The ISI Academy welcomes interests from any organisation, association or committee seeking to build partnerships for capacity development projects that meet our 5 principles:

  • Meet proven priority demands for capacity development
  • Support scientific processes and statistical independence 
  • Transfer knowledge across disciplinary boundaries
  • Leverage synergies and efficiencies with partner organisations
  • Provide scalable and practicable solutions with sustainable long-term impacts


Do you want to be a part of our cause? Join us on this journey. The development of the Academy is currently overseen by the ISI’s Statistical Capacity Building Committee. Get in touch with either of the Co-Chairs, Matthew Shearing or Oliver Chinganya, to discuss how your organisation could partner with the ISI Academy and develop solutions for unmet needs in statistical capacity development.