UNSC Side Event ISI Academy

Contributing to the improvement of Capacity Development


Monday, 26 February 2024
10:00 – 11:00 AM (EST)
Venue: UNHQ, CR-C

Open to all and registration requested. Please register using the link below or r by sending an email to [email protected].


The International Statistical Institute (ISI) and its Associations have long shared knowledge among the statistical community to develop their capacity and enhance the impact of Statistics and Data Science.

For over a century, the ISI has organised regional and global scientific congresses to share and discuss new insights, established two scientific journals, delivered a wide range of courses - online and in person - teaching hard and soft skills, and organised webinars to share best practices. These brought people together who wanted to improve their skills and learn from other people, organisations, countries, regions, and sectors.

From 2022 on, the ISI Committee on Capacity Development began to consult on solutions with all major capacity development stakeholders, including potential funders, gradually developing a strategy based on feedback around:

  • What are the priority capacity development challenges in the modern data ecosystem?
  • How to provide innovative and attractive means of attracting additional resourcing to statistical capacity development?
  • What is the comparative advantage of the ISI Academy in providing capacity development activities?
  • How can we organize the ISI Academy to deliver higher value activities more efficiently?


The rationale

The rationale for an ISI Academy for Capacity Development is set out in the strategy. The strategy is intended to be a living document and flexible to respond to changing opportunities and challenges in the data ecosystem and feedback and contributions from ISI individual and organisational members.

Core functionalities of the ISI Academy

The focus on two activities is anticipated:

  • Enhancing the quality and professionalism of statistical capacity development
    working in partnerships to support improvements in the quality of statistical capacity
    development as a profession, such as by:
    • supporting quality in training and other activities provided by capacity
      development practitioners
    • independent monitoring of the quality of capacity development activities
    • using the ISI Network of members, Associations, and other partners to respond
      rapidly to the needs of data and statistics users in dealing with emerging
      challenges in the modern data ecosystem,
  • Facilitating capacity development projects in line with the comparative advantages
    of the ISI and its Associations working in partnerships to design or manage the delivery of capacity development projects in line with our core principles. A portfolio of potential projects is being compiled.


During our side event we would like to:

  • share the ISI Academy’s strategy to add value and improve capacity development
  • discuss the priorities and main challenges within the modern data ecosystem
  • explore how the ISI Academy works cross-sector and can open doors to whole new
    networks in the statistical and data science landscape
  • identify the leadership qualities needed to navigate these challenges effectively
  • understand how the ISI Academy can support the UNSC statistical community.

We will update you on current activities and would like to hear from statistical leaders their
visions as well as tangible activities/projects for Capacity Development.

We encourage everyone to give input during this discussion so the ISI can gather your
valuable feedback and recommendations to further develop the ISI Academy.


Fabrizio Ruggeri

Fabrizio Ruggeri
President-Elect ISI

Oliver Chinganya

Oliver Chinganya
Director of the African Centre for Statistics at the UNECA and VicePresident ISI

Conchita Kleijweg

Conchita Kleijweg
Director ISI