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Antoine De Falguerolles passed away

21 September 2023
Antoine De Falguerolles

He was elected member of the International Statistical Institute in 1985.

He has been Chairman of the European Regional Section of the IASC from 1992 to 1996 and a Fellow
of the Royal Statistical Society, underlining his commitment to international activities.

He was an active member of the French Statistical Society (SFdS). With his open-minded approach to all aspects of statistics, Antoine has worked hard to build bridges between English-speaking modellers, the Dutch school and French-style data analysts. His 1989 article in JRSS C with Peter van der Heijden and Jan de Leeuw and his articles comparing Goodman's Association model with Correspondence Analysis: discussion of Goodman's article for JASA (1991) and his contribution to "Multivariate Analysis: Futures directions 2" (Cuadras and Rao eds. 1993) are worth noting. A keen student of the history of statistics, he was heavily involved in the activities of the SFdS "Socio-History of Statistics and Probability" group. He traced the history of the "Journal de la Société de Statistique de Paris" in an article for the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences. 

A passionate and fascinating speaker, Antoine de Falguerolles was a highly engaging and erudite character. His colleagues will greatly miss Antoine de Falguerolles, in France and beyond.

Gilbert Saporta