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Call for Nominations: IASS Hukum Chandra Memorial Prize Recognizing Excellence in Survey Statistics

29 February 2024

The International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) is delighted to announce the commencement of nominations for the prestigious IASS Hukum Chandra Memorial Prize. This esteemed award is designed to honor mid-career researchers, characterized by individuals with more than a decade of experience post-PhD or in employment.

The IASS Hukum Chandra Memorial Prize seeks to recognize those who have made significant contributions in research areas closely aligned with the work of Hukum Chandra, specifically in survey sampling, small area estimation, official statistics, spatial analysis applied to official and survey statistics, and agricultural statistics.

Eligible candidates are invited to submit their comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV), an extended abstract, and a paper if available, to the Chair of the IASS Prize Committee, Eric Rancourt, via email at [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 23:59 GMT on 24 May 2024.

This is a unique opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of researchers who have significantly impacted the field of survey statistics. Don't miss the chance to nominate a deserving individual for the IASS Hukum Chandra Memorial Prize, contributing to the recognition of excellence in survey statistics.

For detailed submission guidelines and further information, please refer to the official announcement on the IASS website or contact Eric Rancourt directly. Let's collectively honor excellence in survey statistics!

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