Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen invites you to join the ISI Public Voice Consortium

30 September 2023
Kerrie Mengersen

With the highly successful World Statistics Conference behind us, the ISI is looking towards its many future activities. A strong focus in the coming months is to activate the ISI Public Voice strategy.

The public voices of statisticians are critical for societal advancement and improvement. The ISI plays an important role in increasing the visibility and influence of statisticians in society by amplifying the voices of our profession and promoting the value of statistics to the wider community.  

The aim of the ISI Public Voice Committee is to devise and implement activities to achieve this goal. Key activities include continuing and expanding the ISI blog “Statisticians React to the News”, enhancing the profile of statisticians through Wikipedia, hosting regional webinar series to explore topical statistical issues around the globe, and connecting ISI with international entities such as the International Science Council and the United Nations Statistics Division. 

We are inviting all ISI members who would like to be involved in these activities, or suggest and help to implement other ideas, to join the ISI Public Voice Consortium.

The Public Voice Consortium comprises statisticians at all career stages and from diverse backgrounds. Members typically contribute to a preferred activity: write or source contributions for the ISI blog on a regular (e.g., annual) basis, help to organise a webinar, create a Wikipedia page for a prominent statistician using ISI resources and support, engage with the UN Regional Hubs, or devise and implement a different project. Members are also encouraged to enhance the ISI website by adding to a list of “what’s going on internationally” and a commented list of blogs, podcasts, videos, and more of interest to the ISI membership and general audience.

Please consider joining the Consortium. An individual voice may be a whisper in the world, but a collective voice can shout. Together, we can – and we do – make a difference.

You can sign up here.

Kerrie Mengersen
ISI's Vice-President