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Esri to Join 17th IAOS Conference in Livingston, Zambia

21 March 2023
Esri in Zambia

Esri is pleased to announce it's participation in the 17th IAOS conference to be held in Livingston. The Esri team will present in the session on “Modernizing Census with GIS” as a part of Strand two (2) Skills for Africa in the Era of Data. We will explore how spatial data and geographic information system (GIS) technology can help you plan for census and surveys, understand better the populations you hope to reach, provides the opportunities to improve workflows, and the ability to plan for and mitigate unforeseen events. Applied GIS leads to improved outcomes such as accurate authoritative data becomes better once location enabled. 

This is an especially important time to keep up with changes in technology. There is an increasing focus not only on delivering accurate authoritative data, but to do so more rapidly and efficiently. 

Geospatial technology is advancing rapidly, providing more real-time operational solutions, powerful integration, and analytical capabilities. For your organization to better understand the role GIS plays in official statistics and a data driven future, join us to learn how to leverage its capabilities to make the most of your resources and achieve a competitive edge. 

Get a front-row seat for information about Esri solutions for Official Statistics. We look forward to meeting you in Livingston.