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ISI Community Engagement: how can I join and contribute?

11 December 2023

The ISI extensive community of communities combines multiple interests, skills, experiences, as well as complementary viewpoints to promote “the understanding, development and good practice of statistics”. The lively environment knitted by ISI associations, committees, and affiliated organizations creates valuable opportunities for networking, professional development and for forging strong professional links and friendships.


Join me

I call you to join me in appreciating the contributions of the Standing and Operational Committees, as well as of the Special Interest Groups and Outreach Committees to our vibrant ISI community. Information about their work and activities can be found on our website, whereas highlights of projects and events are available in the 2022 ISI Year Overview (the new 2023 edition with be published in the beginning of 2024).

Have a close look on the diverse scope of the special interest groups and outreach
committees. You can liaise with committee members and communities, engage in proposed activities, attend webinars, courses, conferences and enhance collaboration with colleagues from all over the world with related interests. Enjoy these valuable opportunities as an open window to the international statistical scenery.


ISI Public Voice Committee

Helping hands are also welcome as highlighted in the invitation for members who would like to be involved in activities promoted by ISI Public Voice Committee, recently announced by Prof. Kerrie Mengersen (committee chair and ISI VP).

To ensure the continued relevance and success of the ISI in the information society landscape, we need to work together to uphold the ISI’s mission. We can do it. Each of us can contribute to support ISI strategic

Please come and get involved in the ISI committees, fostering the development of ISI. As the end of 2023 is upon us, I would like to share the words of a Brazilian journalist who wrote: “Whoever had the idea to cut time into slices, called years, was a brilliant individual. Industrialized hope, making it work at the limit of exhaustion. Twelve months is enough for any human being to get tired and retreat”. Then “… comes the miracle of renewal and it all starts again, with another number and another desire to believe that from now on everything will be different”.

Being positive about next year, I would like to praise ISI successful activities in 2023 and compliment the ISI family members and officers who contributed to the good news.


Statistical Expertise & A Better World

Let’s keep sharing our statistical expertise and reaffirm our wishes for a better world with mutual understanding in 2024. I wish you all peace and health, plus many constructive and interesting activities.

Denise Silva
ISI Vice President