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Professor Marc Genton receives the Royal Statistical Society’s Barnett Award for 2023!

26 September 2023

The Barnett Award was established in memory of the environmental statistician, Professor Vic Barnett. It is awarded annually to encourage and promote the recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of environmental statistics.

The Barnet Award is presented to Marc Genton for his international impact in the area of environmental statistics. He is recognized for his work in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics with applications in environmental problems, with almost 300 publications garnering 14,600 citations.

Genton received the prestigious award on 5 September 2023, during the Royal Statistical Society’s Annual Conference, which was held in Harrogate, U.K., from 4 – 7 September, 2023.

Currently, Genton's research focuses on developing high-performance computing tools for spatial statistics and expanding the capabilities of ExaGeoStat, the software developed by his Spatio-Temporal Statistics and Data Science (STSDS) research group and the Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC).