Published: March 2023 Issue of the Statistical Journal of the IAOS

25 April 2023

The March 2023 issue of the SJIAOS has the theme: The Challenge of the Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data. 

The editorial: ‘Success, Failures, Challenges, and Opportunities for Official Statistics in the Development and Implementation of the SDG Indicator Framework’ reflects on the current state of progress with the implementation of the indicator framework. 

It is the basis for the 15th discussion on the SJIAOS Discussion Platform.

The issue also contains manuscripts on Governance in Official statistics, and Data, Methodology, and Techniques. 

A number of these are based on presentations at the 2022 IAOS Conference (Krakow, Poland). 

Call for Papers 

The SJIAOS offers a wide range of opportunities for publishing manuscripts from a variety of domains of official statistics. 

We welcome submissions of manuscripts on current and on new developments, in governance and technologies. 

The journal with its global audience aims to be as inclusive as possible, and especially invites colleagues from developing countries to submit relevant manuscripts. 

The Editors in Chief (current Editor in Chief Pieter Everaers, and incoming Editor in Chief Pietro Gennari) are looking forward to meeting you at the ISI World Statistics Conference in July 2023 where a special SJIAOS invited paper session will focus on the future of science publishing, especially in the field of official statistics. 

More information here.