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TIES Mentoring Scheme

26 September 2023

The International Enviornmetrics Society is delighted to announce the launch of the mentoring program for early career researchers in the area of environmental statistics and data science. The goal of this mentoring program is to support early career researchers with academic and non-academic advice for their career development and advancement. This opportunity is designed to liaise and formalize relationships and discussions between senior academics (mentors) and early career researchers (mentees) seeking to learn and improve their knowledge and skills in areas of applied mathematical statistics, design of experiments, statistical modelling and inference, and data analysis and interpretation for environmental, ecological and environmental health data.

Through this program, mentees can get advice based on experience of related problems on possible directions for solving problems, papers/books to consult, courses/conferences to attend and computational/programming skills to consider, in addition to general career advice. It is important to note that this mentoring program is far from research supervision. Mentors are only expected to provide general research or career guidance to the mentees through two to four meetings at most per year.

Early career researchers interested in participating as mentees may send a letter of interest to [email protected]. In this letter, please specify your level of experience, affiliation, area of research, area of consultation or short description of the current project in which you are seeking advice. For more information, please email [email protected]

Please wait for the launching session during TIES annual meeting for more details!