Call for Applications: 2025 ISI Jan Tinbergen Award

The theme for the 2025 edition of the Jan Tinbergen Award is 'Statistical Systems'.

Call: 2025 ISI Jan Tinbergen award

The ISI Jan Tinbergen Award is an opportunity for a young statistician to present his/her paper at the biennial World Statistics Congresses (WSC). The award is named after the famous Dutch econometrician and Nobel Prize winner, and is sponsored by the Dutch ‘Stichting Internationaal Statistisch Studiefonds’ (International Statistical Study Fund Foundation 

The aim of the Foundation is to offer assistance to developing countries in the field of statistics. The award supports the Foundation’s aim by encouraging the development of young statisticians and by helping to build statistical capacity in developing countries.

The competition is open to all young statisticians born in 1987 or later, regardless of their nationality. Papers should address statistical problems of real relevance in building statistical capacity in countries with limited statistical infrastructure. The theme for the 2025 edition of the ISI Jan Tinbergen Award is “statistical systems".

The International Statistical Study Fund Foundation is in the process of redesigning its long term objectives. This could lead to a new focus on long-term investments. Against that background it is possible that the 2025 Jan Tinbergen Award will be the last year of this award. 


"Statistical Systems"

Paper may be on any topic that directly addresses the development and improvement of statistical systems in countries with limited statistical infrastructure. The main criteria are innovative and significant contribution to statistical progress in government or government organisations in a developing country, and quality of exposition and communication. Contributions could be in innovative applications of existing statistical methods, or application of new sources and innovative data collection and production.

The Foundation awards a cash prize and assists the author’s participation in the 65th ISI World Statistics Congress where the award recipient will present the paper.

The criteria for quality of exposition and communication include adequate reference to related work; technical and methodological standard of work, quality of writing organisation and clarity.


Key Dates

  • Call Launch: 6 May 2024
  • Deadline of submission: 30 August 2024
  • Announcement of Results: 28 October

The award will consist of:

  • A monetary award of €2,500
  • Round trip airfare to The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Registration for 2025 ISI WSC
  • An allowance covering maximum of five nights for reasonable accommodation.
  • Visa cost


  • The paper must be an unpublished, original contribution. It may include material from the author’s thesis.
  • The paper must be written in English.
  • The paper should have a minimum of four pages.
  • The author and all co-authors (if any) of the paper must be born in 1987 or later.
  • If the paper has co-author(s), the percentage contribution from all authors must be stated.
  • Previous winners of the award are not eligible (even as co-authors).