Committee on Agricultural Statistics


To promote the development of and interest in agricultural statistics on an international basis.

Liaison with the ISI PO: Olivia van Dijck-Timbol.


Also see the International Conference on Agriculture Statistics (ICAS), hosted by the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.



Jose Rosero Moncayo, FAO


  • Samaychanh Boupha, Lao Statistics Bureau
  • Elisabetta Carfagna, University of Bologna
  • Gero Carletto, World Bank
  • Hubert Hamer, USDA NASS
  • Ben Paul Mungyereza, African Development Bank
  • Chanchal Pramanik, Tata Consulting India
  • Oleg Cara, National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova
  • Arturo Blancas Espejo, National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico
  • Dominik Rozkrut, Statistics Poland
  • Viveka Palm, Eurostat