Publications Committee

Role and objectives

In support of the ISI mission, the objectives of the ISI include:

  • To enhance the ISI’s support of the international statistical community.
  • To promote and disseminate research and best practice in the statistical sciences.
  • To promote and disseminate research and best practice in all forms of statistics education.

To realise these, the ISI views the Publication Committee to be one of the most important ISI committees.

The Committee’s objective is to assess and coordinate publication activities of the ISI family on a continuing basis, and advise the ISI Executive Committee, Council and Associations.

Terms of reference

  • Identifying areas and opportunities for collaboration among existing publications of the ISI and Associations.
  • Investigating the publication needs of ISI membership (such as on-line tutorials, white papers on global issues, need for a statistical magazine, joint publications with other statistical organizations, etc.) and advising the ISI Executive Committee.
  • Assessing and coordinating the design of the ISI website.
  • Reviewing proposals for special publications (such as books and monographs) and advising the ISI Executive Committee.
  • Managing the long-term welfare of theIS Review through a sub-committee (made up of ISI Committee Chair, two at-large members, theIS Review editor-in-chief and the ISI Director). 
  • The responsibilities include managing the financial planning and the relationship with Wiley-Blackwell and serving as an advisory body to theIS Review Editors.
  • Undertaking special initiatives as needed or as requested by the ISI Executive Committee.

Committee structure

  • Chair, an ISI member-at-large
  • Representatives from each of the ISI Associations
  • 2 members-at-large
  • Ex-officio / Institutional:
  1. ISI — Vice-President responsible for publications
  2. International Statistical Review — Editor-in-Chief
  3. Stat — Editor-in-Chief
  4. ISI — Director

The Committee Chair and the 2 members-at-large are appointed by the ISI President in consultation with the ISI Executive Committee (EC). Association representatives are appointed by their Association President, in consultation with the Association’s EC.

The initial appointment of committee members is for two years, and it is likely that, if they are eligible and active in committee work, they will be reappointed for one additional two-year term. The terms are staggered so that there is some continuity in the committee membership. 

Current composition

Xuming He (appointed July 2015)USABS
Association representatives
Sylvie MeleardFranceBS
Mark PodolskijDenmarkBS
Pieter EveraersNetherlandsIAOS
Jean-Michel DurrFranceIAOS
Danute KrapavickaiteLithuaniaIASS
James ChipperfieldAustraliaIASS
Daniel FrischemeierGermanyIASE
Alejandra SortoUSAIASE
Fabrizio RuggeriItalyISBIS
Rituparna SenIndiaISBIS
Erricos KontoghiorghesUKIASC
Stefan Van AelstBelgiumIASC
Raphael HuserSwitzerlandTIES
Mevin HootenUSATIES
At-large representatives
Dominique HaughtonUSA 
Wai Keung LiHong Kong 
Editors, ex-officio
Scott Holan (Co-Editor-in-Chief)AustraliaISR
Marianthi Markatou (Co-Editor-in-Chief)USAISR
Helen Zhang (Editor-in-Chief)USAStat
Conchita Kleijweg (Director)NetherlandsISI
Fabrizio Ruggeri (Vice-President)ItalyISI
Liaison with PO
Olivia van Dijck-TimbolThe NetherlandsPO