Directions to the ISI Permanent Office

By car

Please note that Statistics Netherlands has limited parking spaces. If you decide to arrive by car, please notify the ISI in advance so we can arrange a parking ticket for the garage. The garage entrance is to the left of the main entrance.


From Amsterdam or Rotterdam

  • Take the highway “A4” to Den Haag.
  • Take the exit nr 8 “Leidschendam Zuid” (also indicated by “N14”).
  • Turn to the "Noordelijke Randweg" in the direction of Zoetermeer.
  • After the traffic lights this road is called “Zoetermeerse Rijweg” and it makes a turn to the right and then to the left.
  • Turn right at the roundabout (“Vaz. Diasdreef”), then at the end turn left and follow the “Henri Faasdreef”.
  • The main entrance of the CBS building can be seen at the end of this road, on your left.

From Utrecht

  • Take the highway “A12” to Den Haag.
  • At the Prins Claus Plein (a large highway intersection), take the “A4” to Leiden/Amsterdam.
  • After a few minutes, take the exit nr 8 “Leidschendam Zuid” (also indicated by “N14”).
  • Next, see From Amsterdam or Rotterdam, from the 3rd bullet point.

By Train

From Den Haag (The Hague) Central Station
 Take the Randstadrail (tramway 3 or 4, or subway E) to station Leidschenveen (direction Zoetermeer or Slinge/Rotterdam). 

From Utrecht or Amsterdam Central Station or Schiphol Airport
Take an Intercity train to Den Haag Centraal Station (The Hague Central Station), and from there follow the directions above “From Den Haag”. 

Statistics Netherlands (“CBS”, Henri Faasdreef 312) is located at the left, next to the station, across the silver-coloured bridge to arrive at the main entrance

Public Transportation Card (OV-Chipkaart / OV-Pay)

Necessary to use the trams and Randstadrail There is no special OV-chipkaart for tourists.

It is possible to check in and out with your debit card, credit card or mobile. See more information about OV-Pay here

You can use the anonymous version, a plastic OV-chipkaart that costs € 8.50 to purchase. After that you need to ‘load’ an amount or a travel product on it to actually use it. The loading happens on the yellow machines you can find at every train station and at the larger tram (Randstadrail) stops. To use your uploaded product or amount, you will have to check in and out at the gates (train stations) and at the machines in the tram or bus. 

You sign in with the OV-chipkaart on the tram by the door and you sign out the same way when you exit the tram. Please note that when you hold your card against the little machine, a green light will show, you will hear a beep, and “Goede Reis” will show on the screen. When you sign out, the same happens except the text on the screen will then show how much money you have used and the balance remaining on the card. From experience, please do not swipe the card but hold it against the machine, and please do not do this too quickly after the person before you, as it sometimes doesn’t register properly.

Please note that if you choose the subway - RET Randstadrail “E” (Destinations “Slinge” or back to “Den Haag”) - the little check-in/check-out machines are located on the platforms, not in the trams.