Our Mission & Strategy

Statistical Science for a Better World

The International Statistical Institute's mission is to lead, support and promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide, by providing the core global network for statistics. 

Our mission and objectives are supported by Strategic Plans developed every few years by the ISI Executive Committee in consultation with the Council. They focus on the long-term goals of the ISI and on how to realize these goals.


Promote, Disseminate & Speak up

  • To lead, support and promote the international statistical community.
  • To stimulate and disseminate research, best practice and advancement in statistical science and statistical education.
  • To speak up for the profession on topical statistical issues.

Advocate, Grow & Foster

  • To advocate and foster statistical literacy, the use of statistics and data in decision making by governments, businesses and individuals.
  • To grow the statistical community in low and middle income countries and regions and help it to be more inclusive.
  • To promote an understanding of statistics as a force for improving people’s lives.

Advance, Develop & Function Effectively

  • To advance the development of young statisticians and to encourage the continuing participation of older members.
  • To promote and develop networking within members.
  • To function effectively and within its budget.
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ISI in action

The ISI will pursue its mission and objectives through various lines of action indicated below, as well as others developed to advance our strategy.

  • Promoting and delivering capacity building workshops and activities that serve the needs of the community, especially from the low and middle income countries and regions.
  • Supporting our membership through various means. 
  • Collaborating and developing partnerships with national and international statistical bodies and with other organisations to develop a worldwide voice for statistics through policy statements and strategic initiatives on a range of statistical issues, including professional ethics and statistical literacy.
  • Organizing World Statistics Congresses, Regional Statistical Conferences, satellite meetings, and short courses.
  • Publishing our journals: International Statistical Review and Stat.
  • Supporting and working with the ISI Associations.

Support the mission

Support our mission of Statistical Science for a Better World and thereby,

  • Contribute to the growth and development of Statistics as a discipline around the world.
  • Develop an appreciation for statistical practice.
  • Advocate statistical literacy along with good decision making using evidence.

Support our mission