Our Vision

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) is the one and only outstanding independent international statistical organisation, with our mission being to set the highest standard for ethical practices in the field of statistics and data science. A non-profit, non-governmental organisation that actively aspires to engage statisticians, data scientists, and individuals passionate about the field of statistics on a global scale.

Our dedication is focused on fostering a global community of members, where we actively strive to facilitate the exchange of the very latest advancements in statistical techniques and practices. We set the global standard for ethical practice in statistics worldwide.

We endeavor to provide unparalleled access and distribution of top-tier scientific content within the scientific community and support the professional growth of statisticians worldwide. At ISI, our ongoing commitment is to champion the continual development and widespread dissemination of knowledge, ensuring the elevation of statistical expertise on a global scale.


Independent International Statistical Organisation

As a members organisation, we strive to establish connections with all national and international organisations, including local national statistical societies, associations and committees. Our distinct goal is to foster ties with organisations located in or dedicated to supporting developing regions across the globe.

Within the ISI network of institutional and corporate members, a significant representation includes the majority of the world's central bureaus of statistics and numerous central banks. Since our inception in 1949, we have proudly held consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), highlighting our enduring commitment to contributing to global statistical initiatives.


Ethical Practice

In the world of statistics and data science, ethics plays a crucial role, aligning directly with the ISI's mission to safeguard and advance excellence in the field. Upholding ethical standards is vital for establishing and preserving the integrity of global statistical institutions, ensuring the credibility of statistical research and work, and contributing to the delineation and promotion of statistical practice. 

Within this framework, the Advisory Board on Ethics advises the ISI Executive Committee and Council on relevant issues regarding ethical practice. The Board actively consults and engages in initiatives aimed at fostering adherence to ethical principles within the statistical domain globally. These efforts are rooted in the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics and guided by the overarching mission and pertinent objectives of the ISI. The commitment is to ensure that ethical standards remain a priority in decision-making and practice within the statistical community, thereby contributing to the promotion and sustenance of ethical conduct in the field of statistics.

Connecting Our Members Worldwide

The ISI fosters meaningful connections by providing customized membership options for students, organisations, professional statisticians, and data scientists. 

This tailored approach aims to cater to the specific needs and interests of each group, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive network. The unique value proposition of our offerings is centered around actively contributing to the growth and development of the statistical discipline on a global scale. Our commitment becomes particularly crucial in countries and regions where the presence of statisticians is limited, allowing us to play a pivotal role in expanding the reach and impact in the field of statistics.

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Share the Most Recent Developments & High-Quality Scientific Content

We work towards maintaining the integrity of statistical sciences by providing high-quality scientific content, by sharing research, best practices, and advancements in statistical science and statistical education. We do this by various means which includes scientific programmes of our World Statistical Congresses and Regional Conferences. In line with our commitment towards our mission of statistical science for a better world, ISI and its seven associations also publish several journals, magazines, and newsletters

Support the Development of Statisticians

The ISI supports the development of statisticians by designing and implementing various capacity-building programs. Alongside these initiatives, we organize activities and events geared towards promoting the careers of emerging statisticians, and we proudly acknowledge noteworthy statistical achievements through prestigious awards granted by ISI and its affiliated Associations. 

In line with our commitment, The ISI secures and administers support for members originating from low and middle-income countries/regions, enabling their participation in a diverse array of international conferences. These efforts showcase our dedication to fostering professional growth, recognizing accomplishments, and creating equitable opportunities for statisticians globally.


What ISI can mean to you

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