Selection Criteria for World Statistics Congress' Hosts.

Criteria to assist in selecting World Statistics Congress (WSC) future hosts

Affirmed by ISI Council in August, 2019

Background Requirements

  • Date: The WSC will be planned to take place during July or August;
  • Official language: WSC’s are conducted in English. If translations are desired, these are arranged and funded by the host;
  • Respect of the Community Principles and Conduct Policy of ISI and Associations.

Selection Criteria

ISI needs to ensure the WSC remains viable, by considering :

  • Location: Geographical spread and try to choose places that have not hosted the 
    WSC for at least 20 years;
  • Ease of entry into host country: Travel implications and visa requirements of the host 
  • Venue Size: Host cities must have conference venues large enough to hold a 
    conference for at least 2,500 persons;
  • Financial Support: Funding and sponsorship opportunities;
  • Local Support / human resources: Ability to provide/organize a dedicated and 
    committed local organizing committee