Some Historical Statistical Scientists Outside of Europe and North America

Some historical statistical scientists outside of Europe and North America

Selection criteria:

• Not living.
• Spent most of their career outside of Europe, USA or Canada.
• Of historical importance.
• Nationalities are by the current English language name of the country of origin.


South Africa

Danie Krige (1919-2013)

Invented the spatial estimation method called kriging.

Herbert Sichel (1915–1995)

Pioneer in operations research and geostatistics. Worked on the generalized inverse Gaussian distribution.



Pau-Lu Hsu (1910-1970)

Created the first curriculum in probability and statistics in China.

Xiru Chen (1934-2005)

First statistician elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Mostly worked in asymptotics.


Anil Bhattacharya (1915-1996)

Vasant S. Huzurbazar (1919-1991)

J. K. Ghosh (1937-2017)

V. M. Joshi (1914-1996)

P. C. Mahalanobis (1893-1972)

Ashok Rudra (1996). Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis: A Biography. Oxford University Press.           ISBN 978-0-19-563679-6. Jyotiprasad Medhi (1924-2017)


(Abu) Al-Kindi (801-873)


K. Ruben Gabriel (1929-2003)

Gad Nathan (1935-2012)
Esther Samuel-Cahn (1933-2015)


Hirotogu Akaike (1927-2009)

Findley, David F.; Parzen, Emanuel (1995), "A conversation with Hirotugu Akaike", Statistical Science, 10 (1): 104–117, doi:10.1214/ss/1177010133

Kaoru Ishikawa (1915-1989)

Kiyosi Ito (1915-2008)

Motosaburo Masuyama (1912-2005) [p.9]

Genichi Taguchi (1924-2012)

Latin America and the Caribbean


Barry James (1924-2019) 

Created the Statistics program at the Instituto de Matemática Pura eAplicada in Rio de Janeiro.


Pilar Iglesias (1960-2007) 

Created the Chilean chapter of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis. Worked in Bayesian predictive analysis.


Mario Wschebor (1939-2011)



Betty Allan (1905-1952) 

First statistician at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (now CSIRO). 

Foundation member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science. Worked on agricultural statistical methods.

Peter Hall (1951-2016)

Delaigle, Aurore; Wand, Matt P. (2016), A Conversation with Peter Hall. Statist. Sci. 31 (2),

C. H. Heyde (1939-2008)–2008

Glasserman, Paul; Kou, Steven (2006). A Conversation with Chris Heyde. Statist. Sci., 21
(2): 286–298.

P. A. P. Moran (1917-1988)

E. J. G. Pitman (1897-1993)

New Zealand 

Alastair Scott (1939-2017)