IAOS Statement on Ukraine

14 March 2023, Ukraine

International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) notes with horror the situation in Ukraine amid the Russian military invasion. We express our deepest sympathy and support to the Ukrainian people and to all those in Russia and Belarus, who along with the international community, ask for an immediate end to the war.

The IAOS has individual and institutional members in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, whose work is vital for the economic and social development in their countries and international community. In 2014, all countries committed, through the UN General Assembly, to upholding the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. We therefore urge political authorities in Russia and Belarus to let official statisticians work in adherence with the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics in order to continue the compilation and publication of impartial, objective and timely information on economic and social developments to allow citizens to make informed decisions in these difficult circumstances.

Official Statistical operations normally undertaken by Ukrainian statisticians have been disrupted by the war. IAOS commits, as soon as circumstances permit, to assist the statistical services of Ukraine to re-establish operations and help them to assess economic and social conditions as the country emerges from the war.

Misha Belkindas
IAOS President