27 Mar 2024

IASS Webinar 38: Data Integration, Data Linkage and Linked Data Analysis

Date 27 Mar 2024
Time 13:00 GMT+01:00 - 14:30 GMT+01:00
Level of instruction Intermediate
Tiziana Tuoto
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Webinar Abstract

The increasing availability of multiple data sources to investigate complex socio-economic, agricultural, health and environmental phenomena represents a great opportunity for survey statisticians, given the need to reduce the cost of data collection and the increasing demand for detailed information. Combining already available data sources is a key element in complementing and increasing the relevant information available in a single source. However, sometimes lack of standardisation, different forms and structures (if any) of data pose challenges to data linkage procedures and may result in an error-prone linkage. Probabilistic data linking comprises a set of statistical methods for combining multiple sources, recognising the same units even in the absence of common identifiers. In addition, probabilistic linkage produces some measure of the potential errors generated by the statistical integration procedure itself. The propagation of uncertainty from data linkage to downstream analyses based on linked data is a topic of growing interest to survey statisticians, with some interesting proposals for adjusting standard methodology (and more).


Tiziana Tuoto
Tiziana Tuoto

About the instructor

Tiziana Tuoto is senior statistician and project manager for data integration methods at the Italian National Institute of Statistics. Her main research interests are survey methodology, data integration, population size estimation, statistical methods for multi-source statistics, and big data for official statistics. She has been involved in many European and international founded projects in the field of data integration, for improving Censuses and for the use of big data in official statistics. She collaborates with many international organizations, providing lectures and on-the-job training.