Committee on the History of Statistics

Objectives and Expected Products

  • Maintain an archive of articles on the history of:
    • statistical methodology,
    • official statistics,
    • statistical computing,
    • statistical education,
    • survey statistics,
    • business & industrial statistics,
    • environmetrics,
    • probability,
    • stochastic processes. 
  • Document the history of:
  • Write new articles in areas of interest to the community.

If you are interested in participating in the committee, please contact the PO liaison below.

Liaison with the ISI PO

  • Olivia van Dijck-Timbol


WSC 2021 — invited paper session 88

Title: “Betty, Mario, Pilar, Danie and Esther: some important statisticians”.

Much of statistical history research has focused on Europe and North America. In the context of reevaluating the social role of some of the founders of statistics, a request to provide information about researchers outside this part of the world has been made. This session is a small step in that direction. It has five speakers, each providing a short presentation of their respective statistical researchers, with their historical importance.


  • Alexandra Schmidt, McGill University, Canada.


  • Brent Henderson, CSIRO, Australia: Betty Allan, Australia.
  • Georg Lindgren, Lund University, Sweden: Mario Wschebor, Uruguay.
  • Rosangela Loschi, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Pilar Iglesias, Chile.
  • Peter Guttorp, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway.
  • Danie Krige, South Africa.
  • Thordis Torarinsdottir, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway.
  • Esther Samuel-Kahn, Israel.

WSC 2019 — invited papers session 355


  • Amanda Golbeck — “Elizabeth L. Scott: A Portrait of the Statistician as a Young Woman”.
  • Georg Lindgren — “Steve O. Rice (1907–1986) : Inspired by random noise, inspiring statistics research”.
  • Jean-Louis Bodin — “A view on 50 years of life of the ISI”.
  • Panel discussion about the history committee.


Members of the Committee

Jozef Olenski
Chair (2022 – 2025)
Jana Asher
Jozef Olenski
Member (2018 – Present)
Wai Keung Li
Jozef Olenski
Member (2018 – Present)
Georg Lindgren
Jozef Olenski
Member (2018 – Present)
Laurent Mazliak
Jozef Olenski
Member (2018 – Present)
Glenn Shafer
Gerrit Stemerdink
Member (2018 – Present)
Gerrit Stemerdink
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