What Our Members Say

ISI members have shared their experiences and insights, offering inspiration why you should join the International Statistical Institute. Work on personal and professional growth by collaborating with the statistical and data-science community.

Joining the ISI has broadened my outlook, advanced my knowledge and expanded my professional connections. I am truly proud to be a part of the ISI family!

Tamanna Howlader
Tamanna Howlader
Professor, University of Dhaka

Collegiality and communication of statistics have been at the heart of all my work. To me, the ISI family are the pinnacle of these – across its inspirational people and the world, across statistics and across the years

Helen MacGillivray
Helen MacGillivray
President (2017-2019), ISI

ISI creates conducive environment for the statistical family to always meet, interact, and improve the knowledge of statistics and related disciplines.

Akanbi Olawale
Olawale Akanbi
Lecturer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

ISI membership helps me stay connected with peers, and be informed of the latest research.

Erciulescu Andreea Luisa
Andreea Luisa Erciulescu
Senior Statistican, Westat

ISI meetings are the only place for panels with contributors from vastly different areas of statistics, each drawing their own audience who would not otherwise participate in a discussion together.

Peter Guttorp
Peter Guttorp
Vice-President (2019-2021), ISI

Joining the ISI has not only widened my statistical scope but has also lead to lots of statistical friendships all over the world. Do not hesitate and join the ISI and the WSC2021!

Eric Schulte Nordholt,  NOC Chair of the WSC 2021,  Statistics Netherlands
Eric Schulte Nordholt
NOC Chair of the WSC 2021, Statistics Netherlands

Joining the ISI has enriched my professional life and offered a platform to expand my network of research collaborations.

Ksenija Dumicic  Leader of Postgraduate Study in Statistics
Ksenija Dumicic
Leader of Postgraduate Study in Statistics, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economic and Business

The study and advancement of statistics naturally occurs on an international scale!

What better way to contribute to our discipline than by networking and collaborating with others from around the world. This can be concisely achieved by joining the ISI.

Kimberly F. Sellers  Associate Professor of Statistics  Georgetown University
Kimberly F. Sellers
Associate Professor of Statistics, Georgetown University

The ISI is an international statistical society which provides the community with a place to connect and meet with other statisticians worldwide. More importantly, joining the ISI has enhanced and widened my ability and knowledge in the area that I am passionate about.

Yuanyuan Zhang  Post-Doctoral Researcher  University of Manchester
Yuanyuan Zhang
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Manchester

My perspective as a statistician has been enriched by my interactions with international colleagues since joining ISI. It is a pleasure to connect and collaborate with statisticians from around the world.

John Bailer, University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics Miami University
John Bailer
ISI President (2019-2021), University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics, Miami University

I'm an ISI member to demonstrate my support for the statistics community; to stay connected to the last advances in statistical techniques and practices; and to play my part to promote the importance of high quality statistics worldwide.

Marcel van Kints  General Manager  Australian Bureau of Statistics
Marcel van Kints
General Manager, Australian Bureau of Statistics