Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) and its affiliated associations confer prizes and awards biennially during the Awards Ceremony of the World Statistics Congresses. The eligibility criteria, regulations, and details for submitting nominations are accessible in the year preceding each World Statistics Congress.

Recipient selection occurs several months in advance of the WSC. For comprehensive information about each award, kindly refer to the links provided below.

The administration of ISI awards is overseen by the ISI Awards Coordinator, Vice-President Kerrie Mengersen.


Awards & Prizes

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The competition was launched in 2018 with the aim to promote research, encourage spatial thinking and Inspire curiosity about statistical spatial analysis, geographic patterns, and geocomputing. The competition is sponsored by Esri and ISI. Prizes are awarded to first, second and third-place participants. The awards ceremony takes place during the ISI World Statistics Congress.


The Karl Pearson Prize was formerly named after one of the Founders of statistical science, whose many contributions include the chi-square test for goodness of fit, the principal component method of dimension reduction, and the method of moments for statistical estimation.

On the other hand, Pearson was an active eugenics proponent. While Pearson’s eugenic ideas are not surprising for his time, we reject them today, as we reject all discriminatory ideas. In coherence with ISI principles, we find it inappropriate to keep using Karl Pearson’s name in association with prizes, lectures and other awards. Therefore it was decided to rename the Prize and honor the many Founders of Statistics with this Prize.